With Knowledge, Passion, Heart, & Soul

An Alumni Community for the first private engineering college in India.




What are we trying to do?


Find fellow BMS graduates, catch up on what they are up to, identify areas of common interest and collaborate.

Give back

Introduce, employ, and offer to act as a friend/mentor to the rest of the alumni.


Build and leverage your professional network to get introductions to people sharing similar journeys.


Browse the directory and find alumni who share your interests, passion, and career goals.


Share your expertise with other alumni – or find someone who can help your cause.


Stay in touch with folks across the globe from Namma BMSCE.

How are we different?

A highly valuable community for all members, from the early batches of the 20th century to the students in college.
A moderated platform with valuable introductions, no spam/promotions, and an opportunity for everyone to express their thoughts.
A community of the people, by the people, and for the people of BMSCE.

Past Events

Come, be a part of the BMSCE Alumni Community! Drop us your details, we’ve got something exciting for you. :D

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