BMSCE Alumni Club
Mentorship Program

Being one of the earliest institutions in the country, BMS has a mammoth alumni base all over the world and in numerous fields. Our Mentorship program is an attempt to tap into this wealth of knowledge and channelize the same to aid meaningful development of budding talents. We provide a reliable platform and opportunity for 1-on-1 guidance from eminent alumni specific to interests and aspirations. The alumni club will help in building overall personal development relationships with mentors that enables purposeful conversation to reflect on experiences and act upon ideas generated.

Objectives of BMSCE Alumni Club Mentorship Program

  • Help identify career paths for Mentees and support Mentees’ personal growth.
  • Provide an opportunity for Mentees to learn and practice professional networking skills.
  • Shape Mentees into confident graduates with excellent leadership, communication, critical thinking, professionalism and other skills important to the transition to the practical world of work.
  • Identify and resolve potential obstacles of Mentees. Share research relevant knowledge and experience with trainee
  • Identify and resolve potential obstacles of Mentees. Share research relevant knowledge and experience with trainee
  • Help Mentees identify and pursue opportunities for employment related to their degrees.
  • Demonstrate how a mentee might develop greater initiative, increased independence, and self-reliance.
  • How will this program help you?


    Seek guidance from Mentors who share the same interests as you and have already achieved goals you have set for yourself.


    Provides an opportunity for candid interactions with professionals across industries.


    Access to job referrals, SOP reviews,
    tips to crack interviews, and strategies to excel in career.


    An opportunity to acquire developments of industries, build appealing profiles, exposure to ever increasing possibilities and skills in demand.


    Receive practical advice and support on a personal level.

    What’s new?

    Both students and alumni of BMSCE can apply to be a mentee.
    We have a wider pool of mentors from different geographies and industries. Their experience level spans from 4-15 years.

    Have a look at our Mentors

    We have stopped accepting applications for the present cohort of the Mentorship Program.
    If you wish to talk to the team, please reach us at


    “Mentorship program has helped me clear a few doubts related to the workplace and career to some extent. Overall, it’s a good experience, as I know that whenever I need some senior's guidance, I can approach my mentor.”

    -Shivangi Balodia

    “I have started to network a lot during this lockdown which I realised is very important very lately (in my 3rd year). Gradually, I started loving networking with people, and this program has given me a push in networking with more like-minded people. I believe it will benefit me in the same way in future as well.”

    -Sai Pavan Nandigam

    “It has provided the guidance and direction for me to work and develop. Also, got to know many ground realities of the department.”

    -Ekansh Priyam

    “It has helped me to get better confidence about my career. My mentor Sandeep has been extremely helpful and has always responded when I asked for help.”

    -Goutham P Hegde

    “Club is doing a great job in hosting web sessions by Alumni. I attend them based on the topics that interest me. This is one way that the club is already helping me!”

    -Mamatha Narayan

    “Gives an insight about how things are right now in their respective industry and what are the technologies that are or will be obsolete.”

    -Shreyas Kamath

    “It does help me actually connect to people, recently I got connected to an alumnus and we had this discussion about the job market in the UK and scope of a role in long-time.”

    -Geetha K P

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